11-11-2017 / Working not Working

Just announced that I became a full-fledged member of “Working Not Working” since this summer; is an invite-only community of the Universe’s best creatives. Please feel free to check the status availability and contact with me through member profile WNW#19422.
08-25-2017 / ADAA 2017
Been selected as a semifinalist of Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) 2017.
02-04-2017 / AIGA Flux 2016

Honored to be a winner of Flux 2016 design competition, AIGA Blue Ridge. For Manhattan Mini Storage reboot project. My portfolio page is [ here ].
09-28-2016 / Work AAS ’16

Optima Type Specimen has been selected in AAS Graphic Design Book “Work AAS ’16”. My portfolio page is [ here ].
Typography: Spaces Between Form & Meaning. 
The education of a graphic designer, like the life of a designer, is about learning to see things differently. Challenging ourselves to see differently helps us deliver the unexpected. Typography is an education within an education. It is looking at and manipulating the surface aspect of written language to gauge its effects on meaning. It requires time dedicated to observation until the forms and logic enters the designer's mind. - Charles Nix & Dmitry Krasny 
10-29-2015 / Mind map

Featured as a freshman, on a Student News AMT at Parsons.
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