Writer, Designer and Illustrator.
Based in New York City.
a.k.a. 岡田育 or @okadaic . 

Iku Okada defines herself as a Storyteller; who combines multiple professions as one, from an experienced writer to an awards-winning graphic designer and brand consultant.
Her career started from a magazine editor in Tokyo, before making the literary debut in 2014. Iku has authored several books of narrative essays and also has been appeared on media as a critic of Japanese Otaku culture and gender issues. Further information is available on [okadaic.net] .
Graduated from Parsons School Of Design, visual communication became her second language. Proficient in both digital and hand-set skills including drawing and photography, Iku delivers the best solutions in graphics, editorial and branding. See also the detailed CV [here].
Living in Lower Manhattan, always blogging on [Instagram], and sometimes doodling on [notebook]. Please feel free to [CONTACT] directly if you’re interested.
11-11-2017 / Working not Working

Just announced that I became a full-fledged member of “Working Not Working”; an invite-only community of the Universe’s best creatives. Please feel free to check the status availability through member profile WNW#19422.
10-29-2015 / Mind map

Featured on a Student News AMT at Parsons.
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