IKU OKADA (岡田育) defines themself as a Storyteller; both an experienced author and an award-winning graphic designer.
Iku authored several books of narrative essays and cultural critiques in Japan, and the publications have been translated into multiple languages. Also appeared in English media such as TOKION, or Midnight Asia on Netflix. Further information is available on [okadaic.net] in Japanese. 
Graduated from Parsons School Of Design in 2017, visual communication became their second language. Based in New York City, Iku works as a brand consultant for a couple of design studios and became a full-fledged member ( WNW#19422 ) of Working Not Working. Clients included media conglomerates, real estate agencies, financial and trading companies, medical and childcare companies, beverage companies, and restaurants. 
Proficient in both digital and hand-set skills, Iku delivers the best solutions for graphics, illustration, editorial, and brand narrative with English/Japanese copywriting.
Please feel free to contact directly through the form below if you’re interested. Inquiries or information about my books will be answered by each of the publishing houses.
Thank you!
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