App and web design for Laundry Concierge service, started from concept making. This service was inspired by a household accounts book and Uber. For targeting not only busy moms but also single men uneducated in housekeeping, visuals must be absolutely simple and clean, and unisex in feeling. Old-fashioned wooden clothespins are its icon, to serve the new definition of “launder”. LNDR [/ˈlɔːndər/] is your Laundry Concierge, related directly with your wardrobe. We record your Everyday’s Cleaning Log. Your lifelog will tell you what to do next. Don’t bother with a mountain of laundry anymore. Perfect cleaning log makes your perfect organized closet. When you scan laundry tags of wardrobes, app will tell you the best way to wash them. If it’s too hard to do at home, the drycleaning service will pick them up in one-touch operation.

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